Rosemont Copper Reports



   Air Permit ADEQ

   Air Modeling Results

Aquifer Protection

   Agency Correspondence

   APP Application

   APP Permit ADEQ

   General Permits

   Rosemont Response

      Technical Response Part 1

      Technical Response Part 2


Army Corps of Engineers

   14 Oversized JD Figures


Biological Information



   Forest Sensitive Species

   Jaguars and Ocelot





   University of Arizona


Geochemical Information

EPA Concerns

Geotechnical Information

Army Corps of Engineers 

Groundwater Information

   East Side of the Santa Rita Mountains

      Infiltration-Fate-Transport Modeling

      Long Term Pumping Tests

      Miscellaneous Technical Memoranda

      Monitoring Reports

      Montgomery Modeling

      Tetra Tech Modeling

   West Side of the Santa Rita Mountains

      Miscellaneous Technical Memoranda

      Monitoring Reports

      Montgomery Model

Groundwater – Summary Report



Mine Plan of Operations Alternatives

    Barrel Alternative

    Barrel Trail Alternatives

   Phased Tailings Alternative

    Scholefield-McCleary Alternative

    Additional Studies



   Arizona State Mine Inspector

   Reclamation Concept Volumes for Posting

Socio Economic

Surface Water and Riparian

Tailings White Paper


   Technical Memoranda


Waste Management


Water Supply