Rosemont Copper provided a permitting update today on the Rosemont Copper Project.

US Forest Service (USFS): Record of Decision
The objection review process for the draft Record of Decision ("ROD") concluded on April 30, 2014.  Rosemont has been informed by the USFS that it will take additional time to review the approximately 100 comments received and has sent notices to each objector that the process will extend into May 2014.  The USFS has said they will strive to issue a response to the objectors without undue delay and will provide an update on its progress and the schedule for the ROD by the end of May 2014.

Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE): Clean Water Act 404 Permit
Rosemont has been informed by the ACOE that there is a shortfall between the mitigation plan proposed in April and the mitigation needed to fully offset impacts to waters of the U.S. associated with the Project.  The process of evaluating other permitting criteria, such as compliance with 404 guidelines, the evaluation of the public benefit, as well as a more detailed analysis of the mitigation plan, remain to be completed. The ACOE stated that this notification should not be taken as an indication that a permit decision has been made and they remain on schedule to deliver the permit decision for Rosemont by the end of June 2014, provided that the USFS issues its Record of Decision prior to that date. The ACOE is continuing to work with Rosemont to address the ACOE's issues.

"We look forward to dialogue and details from the Army Corps of Engineers," says Katherine Arnold, Augusta's Vice-President of Environmental and Regulatory Affairs. "We know the impacts can be mitigated and we will continue to work with the Federal agencies towards a successful conclusion of the 404 and NEPA process without undue delay."

The Company's permitting guidance has been based on and been consistent with USFS guidance. At this time, guidance remains unchanged until a definitive schedule for the Record of Decision is provided by the USFS.