Maintaining Arizona's Dark Skies

Rosemont Copper’s carefully engineered facility lighting system will preserve the surrounding astronomical sites and natural environment. 

The proposed lighting plan will not only reduce light pollution and protect Pima County’s dark skies, but will reduce energy costs as well.

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Dark Skies

Rosemont has made a commitment to the community to voluntarily comply with the Pima County Outdoor Lighting Code (PCOLC). Rosemont’s lighting system will reduce the environmental impact of Rosemont’s lighting well below what is intended by the PCOLC, while still complying with the operational safety requirements set forth by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

Spectral controlled lights

Rosemont will use a filter on lighting sources that will eliminate cool colors (aquas, blues, and purples) from the spectrum, leaving the remaining light with an amber hue, to reduce the atmospheric scattering effects that disturb the night sky.

21st Century Lighting

Rosemont’s highly advanced 21st century lighting system includes the use of LED lights, shielded and aimed lighting, and other technologies to ensure the smallest possible environmental effect. Rosemont’s LED lights will be easily turned on and off and dimmed thanks to on-demand and adaptive lighting (lighting that changes automatically based on the time or day or other predictable applications).