Doing Business with Rosemont Copper

Thank you for your interest in working with Rosemont Copper. It is Rosemont Copper’s intention to provide opportunities for local contractors and vendors to provide goods and services, to bid on future work, and to be awarded the work if you are the successful bidder. To work with Rosemont Copper, make sure to register on our vendor website.  Rosemont will also be asking contractors to update their information with a larger pre-qualification package, so please be sure to provide additional information if requested.  Not all vendors will be required to provide additional information.

The Rosemont Copper project is an EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) project. M3 Engineering has been awarded the EP segment of the project and CDM Smith has been awarded the CM portion.  Rosemont Copper is the owner and will provide project oversight. M3 Engineering and CDM Smith will be acting as agents for Rosemont Copper. 

Construction Work Packages (CWP’s) will be assembled for bid solicitation. The Request for Proposal (RFP) process moving forward will be the notification of upcoming CWP’s as posted on the Rosemont Copper Website under the tab entitled “Construction”.  Only qualified contractors or vendors will be asked to provide proposals under the RFP process, so please do not submit a proposal unless one is specifically requested from your company.

In process of evaluating submitted RFP’s, or Bids, a few of the key evaluation elements are shown below.  All of the criteria listed are critical to this process, but the elements are in no particular order: 

  • Bid must conform to bid package structure as requested in the RFQ
  • Safety record
  • Prior experience in the work requested
  • Price
  • Current work load
  • Proposed team
  • Content of the work plan
  • Local presence

An RFP process flow diagram can be found under the tab entitled “Construction/RFP Process”. All of us at Rosemont Copper look forward to working with your company as we embark on this very exciting project.