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TUCSON, AZ (May 16, 2011) - The Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (THCC) Board of Directors has voted to publicly endorse the proposed Rosemont Copper Mine. The positive economic impact and the history of copper in the State of Arizona weighed heavily in the decision.
The Copper Mine that is to be developed south of Tucson will provide many benefits to the area.  According to studies, the mine will produce over 400 direct jobs and about 1,600 indirect jobs that will provide about $3 billion in increased personal income over the next 20 years.
The mine will also provide local governments with tax revenues of about $19 million per year and create $700 million in local economic stimulus in such things as services, real estate, retail purchases, utilities and manufacturing.
A study by Arizona State University indicates that the mine will lead to significant economic benefits for Santa Cruz County and Cochise County also. The study reports that Rosemont Copper will stimulate a total of $15 billion in new economic output to the region over the life of the mine, which is 20 to 25 years.
Though the mine will use groundwater pumped from the aquifer, it will require much less than traditional mines and Central Arizona Project water will be recharged into the aquifer through retention basins to offset the impact of pumping.  The Board of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce encourages Pima County officials and other government agencies to continue the process without delay or impediments. The region is slowly healing from the recent economic downturn and billion dollar investments by private entities, such as the Rosemont Copper Mine are a key to our recovery.

The mission of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is to advocate for and provide services to help grow our members' businesses. The THCC will strive to be the most innovative and progressive chamber in the State of Arizona. We will accomplish this by providing economic advancement to our members and leadership to the community. For more information on the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce visit us online at