To ensure public input, the Forest Service planned an unprecedented six hearings to take public comments on this Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) over a 90 day period, even though the National Environmental Policy Act does not require any public hearings and calls for just 45 days of public review.

The Forest Service chose the dates and the location for each public hearing in order to ensure that the greatest number of people were able to participate, large venues in a number of cities were chosen and most of the hearings were scheduled on Saturdays so people would not have to miss work. Rosemont was not involved in the selection of dates or locations.

Considering this process was originally slated to take two years, any question about the independence and completeness of the four-year long, nine million dollar Forest Service review and any criticism about the opportunities for public comment with six proposed public hearings are completely misleading and disingenuous.

Opponents of Rosemont continue to try to twist the rules and regulations set forth by the NEPA process to attempt to delay and or prevent the public from sharing their comments on the DEIS for Rosemont, which clearly states that Rosemont can operate meeting all federal, state and local environmental standards.

Rosemont looks forward to completing the permitting process that will allow the creation of an estimated 1,500 construction jobs during development and 2,100 long-term jobs during operation. The Rosemont Project is a 21st century operation using the latest technology to help reduce impacts to the environment.