Financial Impact

Thousands of Arizona Jobs, Billions in Local Stimulus

An independent study conducted by the Arizona State University found that the proposed Rosemont Copper project would bring a significant boost to local, state and national economies. Additionally, the mine project’s lasting economic benefits would be felt long after the project is completed.

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New Jobs

Rosemont will create new Arizona jobs and increase local revenue

Rosemont Copper will hire more than 400 direct employees and create more than 1,700 indirect jobs per year that will result in a $3.3 billion increase in personal income over the 20-year life of the mine. ASU’s economic analysis found that the Rosemont project would support an average of 2,900 new jobs throughout Arizona in industries including utilities, manufacturing, construction, retail, transportation, real estate, and more.

Local Economic Benefits

Rosemont Copper will stimulate billions of local income and revenue

Rosemont will inject more than $19 billion into the Arizona economy, and more than $701 million in local economic stimulus over the life of the mine. Local government will benefit from more than $300 million in local tax dollars to help pay for underfunded public safety, schools and infrastructure projects.