Engineering/Procurement Agent (M3)

About M3

Centered in a region with significant mining and astronomical projects, we are well known both domestically and internationally for our contributions to these industries.

M3 offers a "single-source" advantage to clients for projects that require thorough engineering study and design. M3 brings to each endeavor a team comprised of members with a wide range of knowledge and understanding for the complexities of a project from the conceptual design phase through the construction phase. 

Having a professional staff of diverse backgrounds in-house, M3 is extremely cost effective at multi-disciplinary work and enjoys the challenges associated with such. Gaining an understanding of the project requirements and client concerns is paramount to developing a successful project. M3's staff takes pride in their ability to listen and learn from the client. The finished product is always a result of a close collaborative effort between M3 staff and the client.

M3 will provide Architecture, Engineering and Procurement services for the Rosemont project. Our design services will incorporate nearly all aspects of the project including the main processing plant. Our Procurement group will be acting as Rosemont’s agent for the acquisition of all engineered equipment. The procurement team will also be responsible for the arrangement of delivery of the equipment to the plant site.